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Seaside Prize 2018

Ernesto Buch’s interest in architecture dates to his childhood. Born in Cuba and growing up in Miami, he was inspired by his physical environment and developed a passion for classical and traditional architecture and urbanism. Ernesto has been fortunate to work with great people and talents. From working with Andrés Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk on the master plan and code for Seaside to learning the language of classicism from Allan Greenberg, he had the opportunity to work on projects from the Tupelo Street pavilion to private residences to the Richardson Library, for which he was presented the Arthur Ross Award in Architecture. Ernesto and his firm are known for creating buildings that integrate with the surroundings and are respectful of historical context. Ernesto earned a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Case Western Reserve University, a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Miami, and a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard University. His Seaside work - along with two cottages and a civic structure - includes the Tupelo Street beach pavilion and an early Florida Cracker Cottage, Sip & Dip on Tupelo Street.

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